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I have often asked myself what was so specific about the Muslim self-conscience that prevents it from getting integrated with any other? Why the Christians, Buddhists, Judeans, Sikhs or Jains can live in harmony with India and enrich her culture, but the followers of Mohamed can not? The Islam is not just a total religion, it is a nationality. Its followers all over the world felt like part of God-chosen nation, which stands over the rest. The people who profess other religions are considered to be “impious” and in the case of the Hindus, worse - for “pagan”. The Muslims would rather transform India into an Arab country, but they would never become real Indians. Until they are minority in a certain country they would lead a closed life in their shell, keeping aside from the social and state life, but when they become a majority they would impose with an iron fist their understanding about the society over the other religious communities, without showing consideration for nothing.


Bojil Kolarov was born in 1972 in Sofia (Bulgaria) and graduated in 1997 in philosophy and biology in Sofian University. He has written the following books: "The decline of spiritual man: East, West and Slavonic people; involution and evolution of world spirit" , "The two Europes: Slavonic idea in 21 century" and also many articles on politology (political science), culturology (cultural studies) and parapsychology.

He has traveled in a lot of countries in the world and had been many times in India, where he visited a majority of Holy Hindu places. He is interested in Indian philosophy, Yoga and meditation, which he studied in ashrams in Hrishikesh.

East and West: Involution and the
Evolution World Spirit